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We are Shouki, an experienced distributor of VoIP products in Dubai. We provide feature-rich, advanced VoIP and IP telephony products that help businesses benefit from highly-effective, superior communications throughout their company.

VoIP Products Technology

Days have passed since we used traditional phones in an office. Thanks to the advancements of technology and the emergence of Voice Over IP Phones, telecommunication has gone through significant changes. To put in perspective, IP phones convert standard telephone audio into a digital format and transmit them on a network. These technologies make use of the Internet to send voice and data to another device. Nowadays, companies use IP-based telecommunication technologies as hardware and software in the office, and we offer them all.
VoIP products Dubai ensures you of useful and easy data access as well as an assortment of intercom capabilities, conferencing, and group messaging solutions. You deserve versatile IP telephony technologies that allow you to enjoy crystal-clear sound quality alongside the additional covered smart features. We strongly recommend VoIP and Cisco IP PBX phones for firms that have call center phones in their office. Moreover, you can connect them to your CRM as well to facilitate long-term integration of systems and better staff cooperation.
All the Cisco IP and Videophones have ergonomic designs. It means that you can use them with ease and feel comfortable for long conversations or conferences. By using these solutions, you end up saving a considerable amount of money due to the reduction in call costs. Once you install Cisco VoIP products and start using them, you feel a dramatic change that uplifts your business.

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Buy durable and modern VoIP products at irresistible prices from the Shouki team of experts in Dubai. Shop for VoIP, Cisco IP telephony, phone systems, and other network solutions from leading brands like Grandstream, Zycoo, Polycom, and Mocet. We carry a wide range of brands to choose from based on the features and budget.
Our aim is to support our clients by offering them the best VoIP products all over the UAE. We have sold Cisco IP and conferencing solutions in different quantities, both as a wholesaler and retailer in the UAE. Knowing your exact needs is a noteworthy thing to take into consideration prior to purchasing VoIP products.
Check out the following list that helps you form a better idea about VoIP and IP telephony. Above all, there is nothing to worry about if you can’t make up your mind for your final choice. Our customer and support team is ready to give the necessary consultant and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Cisco SIP IP Phones

Cisco SIP IP Phones:


Type A SIP Phones:  Cisco Unified IP Phone models 7905, 7912, 7940 and 7960


Type A SIP Phones retain SIP dial rules, which are configured in CUCM and downloaded to the IP Phone at boot era. It does not preserve KPML. SIP dial rules will enable dial mood and acclaimed phone functionality more or less CUCM.


Type A SIP Phones: No Dial rules

Type A Cisco IP Phones using SIP firmware without SIP dial rules attain not take in hand a dial sky to the calling party gone the calling party goes off-hook as soon as the handset or speaker phone. All digits are sent to CUCM enbloc after the fanatic completes the dialing and press the Dial softkey.

Figure shows, User making a call to extension 1000. The devotee dials 1000 followed by pressing the Dial soft key. The Cisco IP Phone sends a SIP INVITE publication to CUCM along afterward each and every one portion of share of dialed digits (enbloc). CUCM performs digit analysis and provides a call innovation pronouncement to the IP Phone.


Type A SIP Phones: Dial rules

SIP dial rules pay for admission SIP Phones to emulate the functionality of an SCCP Phone behind dial express and digit-by-digit pattern analysis. When SIP dial rules are leveraged, a devotee receives dial look as soon as than going off-hook. This functionality is exchange than the default functionality upon Cisco Type A phones converted to SIP, where there are no local dial rules.

Dialed digits are processed neighboring to the local SIP dial rules in definite times. If a enthusiast dials a phone number that is rejected by the local SIP dial rules, for example pay dialing initiation behind 9-1900 the call is dropped without being forwarded to CUCM. SIP dial rules can statement minimized overhead bandwidth consumption and CUCM processor overhead.


A SIP INVITE statement considering enbloc signaling is sent from the Cisco SIP IP Phone to CUCM when the SIP dial believe to be of the Cisco IP Phone recognizes and permits the dialed pattern. End user do not dependence to press the Dial key behind they had to upon Cisco SIP type A phones. SIP dial rules make available Type A Phones to emulate SCCP and acclaimed phone systems even though with providing approach and signaling overhead bolster.


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How Do Cisco Multiplatform Phone Systems Work?


How Do Cisco Multiplatform Phone Systems Work?

A Cisco Multiplatform phone system uses a substitute advancement to transmit sound. IP speaks to Internet show, which implies your voice signal is digitized and adventures out over the Internet to complete the call.


In less difficult words, IP telephones work by taking phone discussions and steering them through an IP telephone framework, otherwise called a VoIP framework, over a system link, into the system, and afterward out and into the web


More about Cisco Multiplatform Phones

A Multiplatform phone or IP phone uses voice over IP propels for putting and transmitting telephone brings over an IP mastermind, for instance, the Internet, as opposed to the standard open traded telephone compose.



A Multiplatform Phone or application may have various features a straightforward phone doesn’t support, for instance, email-like IDs for contacts that may be less difficult to recall than names or phone numbers, or basic sharing of contact records among various records. Generally the features of Ip phones seek after those of Skype and other PC-based phone organizations, which have progressively indulgent abilities yet since (they rely upon standard working structures’ IP support) lethargy related sound issues.



An Ip Phone involve the gear and programming parts. The item requires standard frameworks organization sections, for instance, a TCP/IP mastermind stack, client execution for DHCP, and the Domain Name System (DNS). Moreover, a Cisco Multiplatform Ip Phone hailing show stack, for instance, for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Control Protocol (Cisco), and Skype, is required. For media streams, the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) is used in most iP structures. For voice and media encoding, a grouping of coders are available, for instance, for sound: G.711, GSM, iLBC, Speex, G.729, G.722, G.722.2 (AMR-WB), other sound codecs, and for video H.263, H.263+, H.264. UI programming controls the movement of the gear parts, and may respond to customer exercises with messages to an introduction screen.


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Our company has, for many years, been one of the leadership in excitable e-interchange online shopping situation of  Cisco Multiplatform Phone in Dubai in the Middle East.




The top Reasons that Your Organization Needs Cisco Multiplatform Phones


The top Reasons that Your Organization Needs Cisco Multiplatform Phones

The workplace is changing. International teams are common, spread across multiple sites, making real-time collaboration more important than ever. With Cisco Webex Calling, voice communication is key to getting business done.

Customers often ask why we should choose Cisco Multiplatform phones IP Phones to go along with our Webex Calling solution. My answer? They offer superior audio quality, design, features, manageability and security that work hand-in hand with Cisco Webex Calling to offer you the best all-around calling and IT management experience. Customers agree and have made Cisco the provider of IP phones in the world.

And  Here is list of the top 5 reasons Cisco Webex Calling is better with Cisco Multiplatform Phones:

1 – Webex calling: Deployments are Easier and Cost Effective

The Cisco teams who built the Webex Calling platform synchronize their releases with the Multiplatform Phones teams to develop exciting new features such as the Global Discovery Service (GDS) which enables easy and cost effective phone distribution and provisioning. With GDS, partners and customers can deliver phones to end user locations without having to go through a long cycle of pre-staging. The cost savings and convenience offered by GDS removes much of the hassle of setting up new phones and helps increase the number of installs that may be performed at any given time.

2 – Security Runs Deep

Cisco meets and exceeds the toughest security standards including, encrypted media, Transport Layer Security 1.2 and a full suite of protective layers that put users at ease when conducting mission critical business on MPP Phones and Webex Calling. Because Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco MPP phones are tightly integrated, we can utilize the latest ciphers on the phones, built into our most recent phone firmware, to provide a more secure solution – closing security holes and reducing the risk of denial of service attacks. This provides end users a security blanket by knowing their calls are secure and any attack on their network will not come through the phone.

3 – It’s All About the Experience

Cisco Multiplatform Phones offer a variety of phones with a range of features and price points targeted to meet specific buyer’s needs and use cases.

10-line Cisco 8800 Series IP Phones are the right size to fit on any desk and let users comfortably work with concurrent calls on all 10 lines. The high-end design of screen layout and interaction of the phones’ feature keys are the secret that made these phones famous in movies, on TV and installed on the desks of the most powerful and influential people worldwide. Add Key Expansion Modules, and the user can manage calls for their entire department or organization. Offer a video phone, and now you’re making remote workers feel closer to colleagues who are across town or across an ocean.

4 – Smart Phone Integration

As workforce mobility increases, integration with mobile devices becomes critical. The 8800 series includes Bluetooth-based Intelligent Proximity that enables a smart phone to pair to select 8800 series phones and use the desk phone’s audio in a similar way to how you can use your smart phone on your car’s audio system. There is no need to ask the other person on the call to wait so they can be called back on a land line, the audio sounds great coming from the 8800 series phone.




How does Cisco IP telephone Work?

How does Cisco IP telephone Work?

How Ip Phone Works: At a Glance. With IP Phone, simple voice calls are changed over into parcels of information. The bundles travel along these lines than any additional sort of information, for example, email, once more the open Internet as well as any private Internet Protocol (IP) organize. … All you way is a simple phone connector associated with your system.


What is points of interest of Cisco Mpp Ip Phones?

A VoIP phone or IP phone utilizes voice over IP advancements for setting and transmitting phone brings over an IP arrange, for example, the Internet, rather than the customary open exchanged phone organize.


A Cisco Mpp Ip Phone segment

A Mpp Ip Phone or application may have different highlights a straightforward telephone doesn’t support, for example, email-with than IDs for affiliations that might be less mind boggling to recall than names or telephone numbers, or basic sharing of right to use accounts together included by swap stories. For the most piece the highlights of Ip telephones look for after those of Skype and toting going on PC-based telephone associations, which have progressively sumptuous limits anyway past (they depend upon period-lucky working frameworks’ IP consign dissipate to) dormancy joined hermetic issues.

Cisco Multiplatform Phones (MPP) make sense of how to pay for Voice in the communicate of more Internet Protocol (VoIP)communication using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Taste is the most oftenused hailing show that starts, keeps up, and closes affirmed timesessions. These sessions may associate voice, video, and educating applications.This takes out the necessity for ordinary phone lines, making phones more portablewithin the association. With VoIP, a phone uses a present framework infrastructureand web relationship instead of exorbitant T1 phone lines. This gives the life tomanage more calls when less ‘lines’. Other supportive decisions embellishment together happening placingcalls concerning keep up, halting calls, moving calls, to say the least.


Our supplies in Dubai

Buyers believe to be our campony as a popular company to attain Cisco Mpp Ip Phone in Dubai because of its long records of this within take accomplish of facilities. According to the company, providing high feel products would be resulted in more sales and this is why; it always provides customers behind high environment products.



What is a Cisco Mpp Ip Phone?

What is a Cisco Mpp Ip Phone?

These changed over computerized signals are then sent over to a broadline, as information. In easier words,Multiplatform telephones work by taking phone discussions and directing them through an IP telephone framework, otherwise called a VoIP framework, over a system link, into the system, and afterward out and into the web


Cisco Mpp Ip Phone  Advantages

Deployments are Easier and Cost Effective :

The Cisco groups who manufactured the Webex Calling stage synchronize their discharges behind the Multiplatform Phone groups to create energizing choice highlights, for example, the Global Discovery Service (GDS) which empowers spacious and financially savvy telephone dispersion and provisioning. With GDS, accomplices and clients can convey telephones to cease client areas without experiencing a long cycle of pre-organizing. The cost investment funds and comfort offered by GDS evacuates a significant share of the difficulty of feel happening additional telephones and helps increment the quantity of introduces that might be performed at some random era.

As workforce portability expands, coordination considering cell phones gets basic. The 8800 promise incorporates Bluetooth-based Intelligent Proximity that empowers an protester mobile phone to combined to pick 8800 concord telephones and utilize the piece of legislation place telephone’s sealed along these lines to how you can utilize your PDA on the subject of the subject of the subject of your vehicle’s sealed framework. There is no compelling gloss to examine the rearrange individual on the subject of the call to stand by consequently they can be gotten pro to upon a house descent, the sealed sounds wonderful originating from the 8800 arrangement Cisco Multiplatform Phones.

Security :

Cisco Multiplatform Phones  meets and surpasses the hardest security models including, scrambled media, Transport Layer Security 1.2 and a full suite of defensive layers that set clients straight following directing strategic matter almost MPP Phones and Webex Calling. Since Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco Multiplatform telephones are firmly coordinated, we can use the most recent figures on the subject of the telephones, incorporated then our latest telephone firmware, to have enough maintenance an increasingly secure treaty  shutting security openings and decreasing the problem of disowning of administration assaults. This gives fall clients a familiar ambition by realizing their calls are confirm and any exasperate upon their system won’t profit through the telephone.

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